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Podcasting by Christine

A Podcast is an audio file on the Web that can be easily downloaded and listened to. Teachers and teacher-librarians can listen to podcasts for professional development, or they can find premade podcasts for their students to listen to. It is also easy to create your own podcasts for students: record a story, an assignment explanation or even a lecture or informational podcast and assign it for homework! Students can also create podcasts for assignments: book talks for a book report, plays and skits for Social Studies or an opinion piece or news report. Learn where to look for and find podcasts, as well as how to create and post. Handouts will be provided.

Podcasting PowerPoint presentation (with links included):
Free Podcasting for Teachers and Students Booklet

Podcasting in Plain E​nglish:

Word 2007: Referencing by Nancy

Did you know that with Word 2007 students can create bibliographies directly into their word document? Using the “References” tab, students are guided to enter the required information into each box, and then the reference is created in the style of their choice (APA, MLA, etc.). Learn how to use this new tool with your students.

Passport to the Internet by Henri

How do we teach the essential Internet literacy skills (grade 4 to 8) through simulating environments that your students are likely to encounter online? Take a closer look at the Media Awareness Network Resources: K-6 (2009 -2010).
Teach online safety, how to authenticate online information, recognize online ploys, protect your privacy, manage online relationships and deal with on line bullying.